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Custom Training, Periodic Maintenance, Bailey® Cad Drawing Verification




Standard Infi90 Training Courses

Each of these Standard Courses is tailored to the Hardware and Software installed in the Customer's Plant. Special Training Courses are available to meet the customer's needs. Please discuss your exact training needs with one of our representatives. Training is available at the customer's plant or training facility.

Infi90 100 -- Executive Overview of Infi90 System Now and Future

Infi90 101 -- System Architecture, Monitoring, Basic Troubleshooting

Infi90 102 -- Operator Training, System Status Displays, Alarm Management

Infi90 201 -- Advanced Configuration, Tuning, EWS, Troubleshooting

Infi90 203 -- Foreign Device Interfaces; Configuration, Troubleshooting

Infi90 301 -- OIS 20, 25; MCS, MCS+ Configuration, Troubleshooting

Infi90 302 -- OIS 4X (VMS) Configuration, Troubleshooting

Infi90 303 -- LAN90/PCV Configuration, Troubleshooting

Infi90 304 -- Conductor NT Configuration, Troubleshooting

Custom Training

No two customers have the same needs, this is why Crusan Controls will adapt to your training needs.  Ask us about PLC Interfaces, VBA Scripting... and just about anything related to the Bailey DCS.

System Overview -- Let Crusan Controls train you on the "Ins and Outs" the Bailey DCS System.  With this base knowledge your technicians will find working with Bailey system much easier, and

Troubleshooting and Maintenance -- The Bailey DCS is well known for its stability, reliability and longevity, for the most part it has surpassed the careers of those who originally maintained it.  Bring your maintenance staff up to speed of the proper ways to maintain your DCS.  Let Crusan Controls teach your staff the undocumented techniques of detecting and correcting little issues before they become serious problems.

Console Training -- Legacy Consoles, FIX32, iFIX, DeltaV, Crusan Controls can provide training on graphic building and modification, SCADA programming

Engineering Work Station -- Crusan Controls offers training on the modification and update of Cad drawings, verification, configuration and function codes.  Crusan Controls can provide hands on training in the use of all EWS programs, including all versions of Bailey Cad, Text, SODG, SLEDG, and WinTools.  Crusan Controls can provide the knowledge to to do verification and updates of Cad drawings and configurations.  CCC can also teach your technicians to perform online configurations for those times you cannot bring your plant down to make a configuration change.